The Wee Loans Payday Loans Service 

At Wee Loans we offer payday loans exclusively to UK customers – to apply, please click this link: Application Form

Some of the key advantages for using our payday loans service:

  1. Fast processing time. We aim to review, approve and fund all applications within 15 minutes.
  2. Secure application form with SSL protection.
  3. We do not ask for your debit card’s security number.
  4. Licensed and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
  5. We have been serving UK customers since 2012.

Reason’s to use a payday loans service include: 

  1. Emergency bills that crop up when least expected.
  2. Single repayment because this is a short-term loan, no ongoing repayments.
  3. No access to a credit card facility.
  4. A credit-builder service for improving your credit file with the Credit Reference Agencies.
  5. Fast and convenient.

Of course, there are also good reasons not to take out a short-term loan too.

Things to consider: 

  1. Can you afford to repay the loan? This is essential – you must be able to repay the loan so as not to fall into damaging debt. Reviewing your incomings and outgoings to see if you have enough left over to cover the loan you want is vital.
  2. Do you really need the short-term loan? What are you using the loan for? Is it something you really need now or can you wait and save up for it?
  3. Do you have other lending debts? If you already have loans elsewhere, it is wise not to add to them and risk being unable to afford them all.
  4. How bad is your credit history? Most Lenders have a risk profile that is attractive to those with a bad credit history but CCJ’s or bankruptcy is a turn off.
  5. Is there a cheaper alternative for what you need? Can you find a more cost-effective loan? If so, this is the way to go. Payday loans are a quick fix but generally more expensive than some other options.