No Refusal Payday Loans UK Direct Lenders

No refusal payday loans UK direct lenders. What a mouthful! Some search query! What can we learn from this – what does it mean? Where can you apply?

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What does it all mean?

No refusal payday loans…

This is self-explanatory; the goal is to find a payday loan provider in the UK that won’t decline an application.

UK direct lenders…

This quite clearly refers to Lenders within the UK that are ‘direct lenders’ i.e they are the providers of the actual loan rather than a Broker.

No refusal payday loans UK direct lenders…

Do these exist? Can any Lender guarantee a no refusal payday loan?

Speaking from our own perspective, we could never give any guarantee’s as much as w would like to. This is because it simply wouldn’t be good practice to do so at all. As licensed, regulated Lenders, we have to perform our due diligence and apply our findings to each and every applicant.

We do decline those whom we feel are at risk of defaulting; placing customers into a bad debt situation is what no Lender should be doing. Yes, we do strive to approve every application, it is why we are here, after all; to help those who want to borrow money. However, sometimes the sums don’t add up.

Acting as a Broker, we might find some Lenders with a greater risk profile than our own but we never see a blanket no refusal policy.

That said, the vast majority of applicants do succeed and find funding which makes applying a worthwhile effort – providing you aren’t risking a bad credit score from making too many applications that lead to hard declines and you can read more about this here: Bad Credit Payday Loans

The bottom line

Ultimately, it is up to you whether you apply or not but bear in mind you might be refused if you have a very adverse credit history. If you are not sure about being accepted but confident your current financial situation is strong enough to warrant a loan, then applying with us can be a good idea based upon our free broker service whereby a single application is seen by many Lenders at once – increasing your chances of being accepted without the risk of many declines.

Applying with us is a good way of finding the loan you need and saves you time and effort.