How it works to apply for our no credit check personal loans

To apply for our payday loans, the process is simple: navigate to our Apply Now page and follow the instructions to complete the form.

Please complete all the fields and if you see a red asterisk or notification, please hover over it with your computer mouse for now to complete the field.

There are a few tick-boxes that you will need to tick, these are consent boxes that we require you to be aware of.

Once you have completed the form, all you have to do is to press the Submit button. Please wait for up to 5 minutes for the process to conclude.

No Credit Check Personal Loans

Yes, you read that correctly: no credit checks. By that we mean that we do not perform a Credit Check with any of the Credit Reference Agencies, such as Equifax or Experian. Our search is known as a ‘soft search’ and this is done entirely internally using our own algorithms.

Applications are completed and accepted via a safe and secure Our  form and we have our own systems for scoring your Application. This means that you do not have to worry about leaving a negative imprint with any CRA since we have no credit checks that would affect your score.

Approval Process

Once the Form is submitted, our Automated Decision Engine runs through various checks and balances to provide us with our own internal scorecard. A result is then returned and, if positive, you will be notified immediately.

Our Underwriters then ratify the decision which may or may not involve further checks. An offer is then proposed to you along with the relevant SECCI and Offer electronic paperwork.

If we should need to, we will contact you discreetly and ask that you call us at your convenience.

Representative APR

Note that we understand that the APR percentages on your offer may look exceedingly high but at Wee Loans Payday Loans we would like to help you understand what the APR percentages mean. With an APR of 1296.7 % (per year), a typical example shows that if you borrow £100 until your next payday, the total repayable cost is £124 with an interest amount of £24 to be paid back.

This equates to just 0.8% for bad credit loans. Not actually very high at all when you compare the interest an overdraft or credit card with a major bank can attract.

Who do we lend to?

The no credit check personal loans that we provide ourselves are direct from Wee Loans. It is for this reason that we are one of the UK’s most trusted payday lenders. As a UK payday lender we only offer quick loans to customers who live and work in the UK and who have a UK registered bank account.

Our rules stipulate that you must be over 18 years old, but you do not have to be a home owner or have a completely clean credit rating.

Interestingly, our short term loans could help you improve your credit rating if used correctly. Since we do specialise in No Credit Check loans, we do like to see Applications from people who want to take advantage of our expertise in this area.

A Broker Service

What happens if we decline you? If we cannot fund you directly ourselves, we will try to find you a loan with one of our Affiliate Lending Partners.

This is a completely free service albeit we may also accept a commission from a Lender that funds you. Rest assured, we will always try to find the cheapest loans available.

The Service is performed by using your Application form to find an alternative Lender from our Trusted Partners. If a suitable Lender is found, you will be notified immediately; usually within 5 minutes so please do not close your Internet Browser.

Please perform your own due diligence checks with the Lender. Remember to assure yourself that the Loan offered meets with all your expectations. Review all costs and compare against other Lenders if you are unsure of the offer by using a Price Comparison Website, such as 

Please also note that while we have no credit checks, an alternative Lender may use a Credit Reference Agency to perform checks of their own. Review the Lenders own processes before accepting their offer or service. Our Service Conditions refer only to our own lending platform and not that of others.

If any company requests a fee upfront from you, treat it as especially suspicious. No lender should be asking for any fees.

What happens next? 

When you receive the loan, you can do as you wish with it and at the end of the month, once you have received your salary, you can then repay it.

If you need to, we can extend your loan period – known as a ‘rollover’ for up to two consecutive months. Each month will attract a new interest repayment equal to that of the first month.

When you cannot repay the loan – what then? 

Should you find yourself in financial difficulty with a loan from us, please notify us immediately. We can help you.

Options include: arranged repayment plan, a pause in repayments, cancellation of the loan. Usually, we would come to a new repayment plan agreement. If you have funds arriving late, we can pause the loan until they arrive. In extreme circumstances, we can cancel the debt.