New Payday Loan Lender

Welcome to Wee Loans, a new payday lender. Our Short Term or Payday loan application process is simple and, subject to approval, gives you access to cash when you need it most.

Application for our payday loans is free – we have no Admin or other fees and apply only interest at 0.8% per day.

About our loans

As a licensed and regulated payday loans lender based in the UK, we have a transparency policy which means we always give the total amount which has to be repaid. We also give you deadlines for repayments so that our borrowers do not end up with unexpectedly high repayments because of late payments.

If we are unable to approve you for funding ourselves, we act as a Broker for you – a 100% free service.

Please note, that in the event that we do find an alternative Lender for you via our Broker service, we may accept a commission from an Affiliate that accepts your application. In acting for you, we simply use your Application to us to perform a search through our Lender Affiliate Network.

Instant Decision Payday Loans 

Instant Decision Loans are possible if your Application meets all of our Decision Engine’s requirements.  This precludes the need for further review by our Underwriter. If we do need to take a more in-depth review and it takes a little longer this doesn’t mean you will not get an answer the same day.

If approved, you will still receive your loan the very same day.

Trusted Lender

As one of the UK’s most trusted payday lenders, we strive to offer you the best possible financial service.  Note please that we only offer loans to customers who live and work in the UK and who have a UK registered bank account. Our Service is totally transparent and we explain every step in advance.

We do not request any security information about your Bank account. We do not contact your Employer.

Our rules stipulate that you must be over 18 years old, however you do not have to be a home owner or have a completely clean credit rating. In fact, poor credit history applicants are welcome to apply.

New Payday Loan Lender* offering Short Term Loans

Our service operates solely online. Applications are completed and accepted via a safe and secure form. When your payday comes around you should repay us via your Bank Account directly since we do not operate a Continuous Repayment Scheme. Instead, we rely upon you, our Customer, to repay at your convenience. We can set up a Direct Debit if you wish.

If the loan cannot be paid back we urge you to contact us. In some cases, we can offer extensions albeit only up to a maximum of two. It is important to know that additional charges will occur – i.e. additional interest calculated at 0.8% per day – and loans should only be extended under exceptional circumstances.

Members of an accredited Trade Association is a Member of the Consumer Credit Trade Association and signatories to the advisory guidelines as set out in the ‘Good Practice Customer Charter”.

Our customer care team is always available to help and we’re confident that you will experience a best-in-class service from your new payday loan lender.

Late Repayments

Please note that Customers who do pay late may incur a default fee of £12. All charges are clearly defined to every customer prior to signing the loan agreement.

If you do not repay within 7 days following your loan repayment date, we may add additional interest calculated at 0.8% per day late up to a maximum of 30 days.

Please be aware that defaulting on your Loan Agreement can have a negative affect your Credit Rating. Check your Credit File regularly for any discrepancies.

Contact CRA’s such as Experian or Equifax to view your file.


Plan your monthly spend by using free tools online such as: Budget Planner

For debt advice, please visit: Stepchange Debt Advice Charity

Google us for Reviews and visit the FCA for licensing info.

*New Payday Loan Lender refers to ‘your’ new lender.