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Firstly, we need to address the Title of this Page: there are no instant payday loans available. Indeed, it is simply a nice phrase for the relative speed at which these same day loans (short term loans) can be processed – a bit of an ambitious over-statement, if you will.

Payday Loans are desirable precisely because they are quick to obtain and do seem almost ‘instant’, relatively speaking.

When one considers the fact that most Applications receive a Decision within a minute or so and funds for approved loans are often funded in under an hour, it is somewhat “instant” relative to other forms of borrowing approval processes.

How quickly do you need a loan? Do you need instant payday loans? Well, that depends upon whether you have just discovered a forgotten bill that needs paying urgently, or you have a car repair that needs immediate attention – or some other emergency that suddenly forces you to seek cash at short notice.

This is where Short Term Loans can save the day and appear to be “instant”.

Same Day Loans

The above description more accurately describes the Payday and Short Term Loan delivery process. Typically, most Applicants will receive their monies as same day loans during the same 12-24 hour period that they completed and submitted an application.

The Approval Process is reasonably fast thanks to modern algorithms and technology. As such, once your Application receives the nod of approval, the automated process that delivers the funds to your Account is very quick. It is dependant upon you signing your Credit Agreement quickly too, of course. However, make sure that you have read it thoroughly and understand it; any concerns, please call us – there are no bad questions.


The Application Process is straightforward: visit our Apply Now page and complete all the fields in the Application Form. Take care to ensure none of the Mandatory Fields are incomplete (they are the ones with the * asterisk).

Review the Application information carefully. Press the Next button and then proceed to the Banking section and fill in those fields as well. Finally, when you are happy that all the information is correct, press Submit.

Please note that we do not ask you for your Debit Card’s 3-digit security number. This is to protect your Account and to ensure that no one can remotely access it. We do not believe in the Continuous Payment Authority and therefore never need to access your Account for any reason whatsoever.


Once submitted, the Weeloans.co.uk Decision Engine will review your application for instant payday loans all the details presented and make a preliminary decision. If it all looks good, the Underwriters will approve your Application and you will be notified of the result in real-time.

If the Underwriters require more information from you, they will contact you and make that request in order for them to come to a decision. An offer in line with the Applicants circumstances will then be presented if the Application was successful and a SECCI Agreement and Same Day Loans Contract made available for signature.


Once approved, the loan will be delivered to your nominated Bank Account. This will most likely be within the same 24 hour period as noted above, qualifying in the same day loans category and often within the hour of Approval. Seemingly “instant”!

Our interest rate costs are described below but suffice to say, it is 0.8% per day. You may repay your loan at any time and therefore save daily interest if you do so early. Let’s say that your Loan Agreement is for 30 days but you repay the entire amount within 15 days. We will reduce your interest repayment by 0.8% x 15. This saves you money and makes the loan even more affordable.

Representative APR 1269.7% (variable)

Representative Example:

  • Borrow £100 for 30 days
  • Amount payable: £124
  • Interest £24
  • Interest rate: 300% p.a.

To compare our same day loans against other Lenders, please visit Lenderseekers.co.uk